The Inside Man / The Interview – Brighton Festival Fringe 2011

‘Inspirationally conceived and skilfully executed, [The Interview is] a seeming flight of fancy which, almost unnoticed, turns and plummets back to the cold, hard earth…

‘[The play] left me wondering and kept me thinking till the very final word. [Peter] Henderson excels again as the formidable Sir Gerald, who quizzes his hapless candidate with melodic tones and bulbous, staring eyes. But the zen-like interview isn’t quite what it seems – and the script glides almost unnoticed from gentle humour to brutal truth.

‘Alicia Ambrose-Bayly… came into her own towards the end of the piece as she moves to centre stage. And Stephen Cheriton is maybe best of all, convincingly unwinding a tangled knot of emotions as the horror he must face is quietly revealed. The Interview is a compelling realisation of a disturbingly believable script… and if it stood alone, it would still be worth your time and money.’

FringeGuru **** – read the full review here

Exit Strategies

‘This book is quite the page turner, at first because we don’t know what strategy Vic will choose and then, as we wonder if he’ll be able to pull it off, all of which is wrapped up with a delightfully surprising ending. A very entertaining read, I would recommend to anybody.’

Gayle Beveridge, author

Author Profile

Article in the Shoreham Herald by Michèle Bacchus, February 2013. Covers Exit Strategies, The Inside Man, The Interview and Inside My Head.

Read the article here

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