Jul 10 2010

The Interview, Arcola theatre, 17/7 & 18/7

Exciting news! My play The Interview is being produced as part of the Arcola theatre’s ‘Made In Hackney’ new writing festival. Performances are on Saturday 17 July and Sunday 18 July at the Arcola theatre, Hackney, with two other great new plays on the same bill.

The Interview is about a man attending an interview at an impressive-looking office. This could be his big break, only he doesn’t know anything about the job on offer, the company involved or even whether there actually is a job. He wants to make a good impression and grasp his opportunity, despite the growing sense that they have called him here for a quite different reason.

The play is directed by Simon Pittman and our fantastic cast includes Roger Sloman as Sir Gerald, Ryan Early as David Walker and Cressida Trew as Miss Piper. Tickets are available for £7 direct from the Arcola box office. Click here for more information.

Meanwhile I’ve been working on a mobile-friendly version of this website. This has been optimised for smartphones, hopefully making all the content a lot more accessible. What do you think? Please let me know if it’s not working for you or you have any suggestions for further improvements.